SAIVS Hydraulics supply subplates, manifolds and custom block designs to meet your requirements. SAIVS Hydraulics provides custom hydraulic manifolds to meet your system requirements.

Custom manifold products are available to match a variety of cartridge valve manufacturer’s cavities. With our product and system expertise, we offer custom designs and solutions based on your requirements. 

Custom hydraulic manifolds made from ductile iron, aluminum, stainless steel to meet all your pressure and fluid requirements.

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Hydraulic manifold is a hydraulic manifold block made of carbon steel or alloy aluminum. There are many chambers are intergraded inside the hydraulic manifold to meet various requirements in Hydraulic Systems or install Hydraulic valve for modular valves, cartridge valves threaded installation (Sometime use stainless steel for special condition, like water or acid medium ).

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What is a Hydraulic Manifold?

A hydraulic manifold is a component within a hydraulic system used to regulate the flow of fluid which in turn controls the transfer of power between actuators, pumps and other components. The flow of pressurised fluid is controlled by hydraulic valves and directed to a working device such as a Hydraulic Cylinder or motor.

Energy Saving Manifold Design

Hydraulic manifold design has become increasingly important as the demand for reducing energy costs and improving efficiency continues to rise. Our skilled design engineers are experts in manifold design and can create systems to meet these demands. Optimised circuitry provides benefits in terms of reduced pressure drop and reduced heat generation, while reductions in weight and size aid installation and save space.

With the benefit of a shortened hydraulic flow paths, performance is boosted and machine control functions are enhanced. By reducing the number of hydraulic connections and the improvements to hose routing, hydraulic leakage is also greatly reduced. Our high-quality manifolds incorporate all of these benefits enabling considerable reductions in energy consumption and running costs.

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